July 27, 2022

Big Muddy Hysteria | 296

Big Muddy Hysteria | 296

What??? You want MORE Bigfoot talk?!?!  Well. you are in luck. Brent is laid up this week with a hernia that Conspiracy Bot swears he knows nothing about how it happened. But have no fear, Jay from Project Skeptic comes to the rescue to talk The Big Muddy Monster, a Sasquatch from Southern Illinois. This one is near and dear to Brent because he went to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and heard all the stories while in college. So, strap on your boots and grab your bear spray because we are going squatching this week on Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:

The Big Muddy Monster: Legends, Sightings and Other Strange Encounters | Kevin Lee Nelson

Murphysboro - https://www.murphysboro.com/how_do_i/find/the_big_muddy_monster.php#outer-165 
Big Muddy Case File - https://files4.revize.com/murphysboroil/Big%20Muddy%20Monster%20Merged%20File.pdf 

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