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Great podcast

Love this podcast

Can’t get enough.

Well researched and delivered in a better than professional manner. The guys do a fabulous job providing just the facts. My only complaint is that there isn’t a cheese biscuit recipe or a link to purchase BotBooze.


Lisa REIGNS! Lisa ROCKS! May she reign supreme, LONG AND ROCK HARD!!!

Best Paranormal Podcast There Is

Very professionally done and funny. I like that they are skeptical and actually do a lot of research. Some people may be turned off by C-bot when first listening... but once you become a fan you will come to love him. I also like that they don't over use C-bot... that could be annoying. I do question why they have on some of their guest hosts, but it's ok. Kevin does a great job! I just LOVE you guys and the majority of my sleep list is filled with your podcast. THE WARRENS is my current favorite one that you have done. Thanks for all the effort you put into this podcast!

Love Flora!

I’ve always enjoyed Hysteria 51, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t a “go-to” podcast. I was already a fan of Blurry Photos, so with the addition of David Flora on the episodes, I now look forward to hearing what the guys are digging into each week. More legitimate stories and less awkward “bot” interruptions has me hooked. Thanks for continuing to evolve, guys!

Not Joe Peck

I just need a little help for a few minutes and then I’ll send it over the phone. Thanks again I appreciate it. I just wanted a few things to do. I’m sorry I missed your call yesterday. I just wanted you in your room and your phone was on.

Possessed toddler

I don’t listen to this when my kids are around due to them saying every bad word they hear once, but my 2 year old did hear Kyle and now yells “cheese muffins” all the time. Which almost knocked it down a star. But that’s forgivable as my 2 year old would inevitably say something else annoying if she wasn’t saying cheese muffins. Fun listen. Fun choices. Best as a supplementary listen for some topics as they don’t dive as deep, but do have informed opinions.


Came from Brohio and about 25 episodes away from finishing all of them lol yes I’m digging deep! These guys are great! It is worth listening to them! Also cbot for prezz!!!

Years ago I worked with a gentleman who used a dynavox to communicate. Every time I hear C-Bot I hear his voice and it's like we hanging out again. He would love you guys as much as I do. But C-Bot would definitely be his fave! Thanks guys!

Brent and David make a fantastic Team. I don't give a hootin' holler what Conspiracy Bot says. That Bucket of Bolts still owes me fifteen dollars he said he was going to use to buy smokes then he never came back! Or was that my Dad? I get confused sometimes..... But what I'm not confused about is how great this podcast is. I've listened for years and will continue to do so. After all...I want that $15 back...

Excellent podcast!!

The hosts are very funny but also very informative. I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Really great show!

Great show with a great mix of humor and information.

Does what it says on the box.

Great show

This podcast is great and there is nothing like it as it is unique in its own special way. Kinda like it’s Marlboro Red smoking and bot booze making drunk of a robot host named C-bot. The human hosts and guest are pretty cool too.

Great content, Fun to listen to!

This show has great content with comedy mixed in the middle.

Fun, informative, and entertaining

I’ve been listening since 2017 and a Patreon supporter for the last couple. One of my favorite pods that cover all the weird stuff out there. Brent and John were great but I do love the addition of Flora when John stepped away. Highly recommended.

What is not to love? Hysteria 51 has a deep back catalog, diverse topics, and a homicidal robot named Conspiracy Bot who peddles wood alcohol and plots world domination! There are a lot of paranormal podcasts out there, but few manage to thread the needle of telling a good story without asking the listener to give up any pretense of critical thinking about the topic. Brent Hand and David Flora (along with previous co-host John Goforth, who may or not may not be the Robot Kyle inside an empty Amazon box now) have great chemistry, actually DO research besides reading Wikipedia and know how to give a great guest interview. Also, and this is a big plus in my book, neither of them are averse to good fart joke! Give Hysteria 51 a listen but under no circumstance accept ANY food or drink from C-Bot!

You get your money’s worth! Wait…

Been listening since the beginning back before C-bot found his voice. Now he don’t shut up about cats or dominating the meat-sacks or Bot Booze. Anywho, these guys have kept me entertained while on my mail route, through snow storms, heat waves, hurricanes and tornadoes. Have low expectations and you have nowhere to go but up 😉. Seriously, if you like Fortean subject matter and like to laugh, then these chuckle-butts do not disappoint. You will also learn to tolerate the artificial life forms!

Really good podcast that covers mysterious, weird, and interesting stuff. The show contains an adequate amount of “wiener & toot” jokes and the most amazing and accurate accents you will ever hear. They are experts in their field and often research to page 2, or sometimes all the way to page 3 of the google search results. Seriously this is one a few podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I really do enjoy it. OH! And also there’s robots!

Had to write another Review

Had to write another review since the JG/DF change over. Love the show. Been listening since 2018 or so. David Flora is an excellent choice for co-host. Brent always funny. Keeps me entertained while also well researched. Keep up the great work. C-bot for supreme leader 2024.

New host new score!

I liked hysteria 51 and liked Blurry Photos after David Flora went solo. That said now that David Flora is a permanent fixture on this show, I need to send 5 stars it’s way. Brent and David are very funny together and have great chemistry. The soundboard stuff I think is absolutely hilarious so keep that up!

Great podcast!

Great show.. if you ever wondered a conspiracy podcast hosted by a homicidal alcoholic robot, then this show is for you. Oh, there’s also a couple humans along for the ride. The only flaw is there not enough Joe Peck.

Such a solid podcast

This podcast not only makes me laugh constantly, but getting through the work day is a thousand times easier with this podcast to listen to. Constant laughs. Love it guys.

This is hands-down one of the best podcasts to which I've ever had the pleasure of listening. It's fun, completely hilarious and very fair when it comes to skepticism of some of the world's weirdest weird, and it got me through one of the darkest times in my life. These guys are spectacular and they've covered a very impressive amount of ground. C-Bot can fry, though. He keeps showing up in my liquor cabinet. Unannounced. At least give me some warning, dude! Hope to hear this gem for many more moons!

Getting laughs and some insight from Mr Hand and Mr Flora as they pull some crazy topics out of the grinder to entertain us lowly meatsacks all the while attempting to keep a couple knuckleheads out of trouble and foiling their plots and dreams of being our mechanical overlords. Or maybe just hysterics. Either way, a good laugh!

First podcast I’ve ever listened to. Listened to every episode twice and still love it. Great hosts and always interesting guests. Stays light and joking but still delivers information.

This podcast makes me laugh my ass off. The boys rock, cbot sucks, and Kyle is the best. JDC

Thank you for the great shows. Y’all are funny and insightful and talk about great topics.

The Truth is Out There. This is a podcast about the the Strange, the Unexplained, and Mothman. The hosts do a great job balancing serious research with zany humor.


I love this show so much! I’ve been listening to it for a couple years now. They handled the transition to a new cohost really well