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You are an ugly pigeon!

Best podcast with a robot cohost in the universe!

Can’t get enough of this podcast! The topics are always great and the botjuice is really refreshing!


This is literally my favorite podcast. The community is awesome. I love it 👽🦕🦖🤖👻

Need More Pecker

Joe Peck had relations with my hybrid brethren.

Love the show

Really funny always crack me up 😹😹

Joe Peck number one USA

Love the show. Funny as hell. “Paranormal” as hell. C Bot rocks and is eternal. Joe Peck number one guest!!! All hail PECKER!!!

Fun and Entertaining!

I’m glad I gave this show a listen because it’s exactly what I was looking for. The hosts do a good job telling the stores while keeping it fun but also grounded. I highly recommend this show and if you are fan of genre but get frustrated with crazy ranting and ramblings that you often get with podcasts that discuss anything in this wheel house. Added to my weekly rotation for sure.


I stumbled across this podcast while looking for a new one to listen to. I am now 20 episodes in and absolutely love it. Give it a listen and you’ll be hooked.

Hi jinx in the lower 4th

I love these guys, good info fresh perspectives, awesome guests and of course conspiracy bot

The truth might be in there...

Fascinating and hilarious! I’m a postal service mail carrier, and this podcast slows my day down considerably, because I’m too intrigued by it and drive much slower than I should. Luckily, residents far and wide get to hear the important information put on display by the hosts as I blast it on my Bluetooth speaker in the mail truck! Thanks guys! You make my day so much easier to tolerate. It’s a fun, lighthearted podcast that’s easy to listen to, but at the same time learn some interesting facts from. This podcast will make you laugh, but also think...

I wish they could get me pregnant

They are amazing. Especially C-Bot. Maybe we can make a little half human half robot baby. Like a little baby borgs. We could name him locutus jr. But not a traitor failure like the first one. Couldn’t even take out one undefended planet. Sad! Love you guys. Send me all the stickers

A great listen for those long drives.

I’ve been listening to these guys and c bot for the past 4 years and they always make my long drives to work that much more enjoyable. Stay woke meatsacks.

If “In Search Of...” was a radio show. And drunk.

I’d been looking for a while for a podcast on UFOs/aliens/Bigfoot/the paranormal for a while now, but most of the ones I’d tried took themselves waaaay too seriously. Then I came across Hysteria 51, and immediately knew I’d found my new favorite podcast. These guys drop a decent amount of knowledge on whatever the week’s topic is while poking fun at said topic, each other, their guests, and their malevolent-yet-endearing robot assistant, and also knocking back a few tasty beverages. I’m mainly a UFO enthusiast, but these guys have gotten me interested in other areas of the mysterious and bizarre through their shows. I actually took an old IPod Nano of mine and loaded it with the entire Hysteria 51 back catalog so I could enjoy the whole run a little at a time. I can’t say that about any other podcast I’ve ever listened to.

Love the show.

First I got to say I love the show. It has a good combination of comedy and interesting topics.i found the show about a year ago and have never stopped listening. And it’s nice to have a laugh in these crazy times. Keep up the good work guys..

John and Brent are men’s men

I miss the good old days where John and Brent would drink their bot booze and talk conspiracies. But I do love the more organized show. Anyway, listened to this show a ton back when I was working nights and driving over an hour away for work. You guys are great, still want to get an episode where ya talk about Nostradamus. Stay woke meat sacks!

Great show

Awesome as always and can never get enough! Where’s that sticker?


This is great

Great Banter

I look forward to this podcast each week though I have little real interest in the paranormal, ufo’s or conspiracy theories (and I suspect that the hosts don’t have much either). It’s just the easy banter, humor and relationship among the hosts that is worth the price of admission. The best!

Review worthy

I’ve never reviewed a podcast before. But, apparently, it’s important to Brent. So, here ya go Brent. Sophomoric comedy gold. For those of us who enjoy sophomoric comedy. Keep up the good work!

I own the most stock in BOTjuice

Just moved to Vegas about a month ago doing security on the graveyard shift! Never been much into podcasts but have always been into paranormal/conspiracy theories! You guys keep me up and thinking for 8 straight hours! Corian


How much is it to smell mr hand? That’s the real question

Great show

This show is one of the shows that got me into the podcasting game


Brent is a prolific epidemiologist!


Can you guys do a show where you start talking about some weird gas/fog comes out of CBot and then it’s just like... silence... and then CBot laughing for like an hour. Otherwise great show, keeps me entertained while I drive around for work! Everyone else in the prison bus not so much

They say I’m disturbed

This has been one of my favorite shows, John and Brent take a different approach to paranormal and fringe topics, which is refreshing. C- Bot and Kyle are hilarious additions to bring further levity to the back and forth in the best of ways! Well produced and executed, Hysteria 51 is a “must listen” every week!

Just keep listening, it gets better

The first couple of episodes (maybe season? Man it’s been a minute since I started this show) are, like all podcasts, filled with audio errors and monstrosities. Those audio cues were... a lot. The hosts, however, have been able to find a good balance between audio cues and actual information, all while still keeping that good natured banter that comes with two lifelong friends. I’m typically an optimistic skeptic, and I would say these two embody that sentiment well. They’re willing to talk through every explanation, from realistic to ‘only heard of in science fiction’, and it’s entertaining the entire while. I’d recommend giving a few different topics a try before finally making your decision to subscribe, but I’ve certainly enjoyed it.


What is British Announcer Guy planning????

Lady Smiles

Great Podcast from a 56 yr. old lady. Really enjoy the supernatural episodes, and Joe Peck rounds them out.

One of my favorite podcasts for all things weird. The production is top notch and the chemistry is amazing!

It’s great.