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A fun take on the weird and interesting

John and Brent have great rapport and present the material in a funny, relatable manner. If you enjoy conspiracies, aliens, or the paranormal, but take none of those things seriously, this is the show for you! Also, Joe Peck is pretty alright.

This is the PODCAST!

Give it a listen everyone! I love them so much.

A guilty pleasure!

John & Brent are dorky yet relatable, and their content is always interesting. I don’t normally like banter, but these guys do it right. You can tell that they really research their topics and always present it in a way that keeps your attention. C-Bot is the best!

Chris Todd

Once again badassidness!

Thank you

Keep up the great work!

Great Podcast!

Love this podcast and all its content!! Highly recommend!


Love this.




C spot the robot carries these two chumps. When the robots take over I will be his best minion. I’m drunk from bot juice.

Best podcast ever super funny and informative I re- listen at least once a year and it never gets old


Only bad thing is I’m now caught up through all the previous episodes and I have to wait for the new ones to come out.

Love this Podcast!

Thanks for a fantastic podcast! Found you and enjoy my Monday morning commute so much more!

Fun times

A great time that makes me smile!! Thanks for the laughs while learning something!!

Enjoyable and fun!

Love the humor and the subjects (and I have actually managed to learn a few things!) Always looking fwd to new episodes now! (Thank you for making the year of 2020 a little bit better!)

Fun to listen to!

Cool interesting stories to listen to and funny comments. 👍🏼




I was looking for a podcast in ufos and the supernatural and stuff and I just recently discovered this podcast and I love it! Learning so much in a fun and hilarious way! Also very few ads which is awesome! Great podcast guys!!

More C-Bot less John.

4 stars only because John doesn’t know how to format a simple question or thought and will take 15 minutes to make his point which doesn’t usually have anything to do with the story. Great show tho

Great show

Makes a long night shift pass a little more quickly

Awesome show

You guys are awesome I have listened to every episode and have started over again! The only thing that could make the show better would be more C-Bot and Joe Peck! They are the real stars of the show!!!

One of the best!

This is one of my favorite podcasts. I love the topics and the addition of humor. Though some topics may be serious we still need to be able to laugh, especially now! Most episodes are laugh out loud funny and C-Bot and Kyle are so much fun! Thanks for everything you guys do! David Albaugh

Great podcast!

The hosts are funny and serious at the same, they are by far the beat hosts on any podcast of any subject. I mean they are supremely talented and know no peers. How they aren’t on a major network show is beyond me. . . Ok, Brent and John, where’s my check?

Needs more-

Needs more cheese muffins ! (I’m totally not Kyle) or am I? Ch-cheese-cheese muffins! ;)

Good podcast

I’ve always liked UFOs, cryptids, and other stuff that the hosts here cover. The hosts are funny and skeptical. Five stars

The Last Rites

Saw reviews and checked mine on this podcast, there wasn’t one? What a dumbass I am for not leaving one because they are one of my favorites! Brent and John are well researched on the many topics they cover wether they be Fortean,true crime or many others. The chemistry they have makes easy listening with lots of humor talking about what they are covering that week. Other guests make podcast epic! C-BOT ( a robot that Brent created) makes for some laughs. Truly if you are into anything that involves UFOS,ghosts,or other subject’s but many others as well this is one you will binge!

Just a woke meatsack

Love getting my fix of UFOs, conspiracies and other off the wall content. Keep it up!

Good Show - Funny and Informative

Really like the show and hosts. And C-Bot keeps getting funnier.


Top notch, fellows!

Right up my alley

These guys really come at this right. Difficult content to approach with humor... ( or at least I thought) but they crushed it. Just started listening to it tonight, and I already peeled thru an embarrassing number of episodes. Whatever. If you appreciate witt, word play, clever puns, AND content relevant to ufos, ets, extremophiles, and sexy single cell organisms, hit subscribe

Like a warm blanket on a cold night...

Maybe that sounded a bit creepy? Hmmm. Besides the mysterious and very fun content that is Hysteria 51, Brent and John are a, dare I say, dynamic duo that truly sound like they enjoy every minute of their broadcasts. I have a lot of fun listening to them and all of their guests (shout out to Joe Peck, Kevin Crispin and David Flora) and feel like I know the whole bunch personally after listening to 4 years worth of content. That said, now that I’m caught up and can’t binge this cast everyday, I’m feeling a bit sad. I might have to swing over to Kevin’s podcast for some help there? Keep up the great work guys, can’t wait for what’s yet to come. 10 out of 5 stars hands down. Ps. Conspiracy bot is ok too. Don’t tell him I said that. I fear it may over-inflate his ego, maybe causing him to pop a capacitor or two. Wouldn’t want that to happen. Cheers!