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Very good, funny podcast, plus they have great subjects.

Ive listened to every episode. Always look foward to new episodes. The dynamic between the hosts is awesome. Plus there's sentient killer robots. Always a plus



Guys are hilarious

U guys and c bot keep it up🤣😂🤪🤪🤪🤪

Hilarity to start the week off right!

If you believe that the Mothman and Bigfoot live with their love child in the secret Nazi base in the hollow, flat, enclosed earth, that is ruled by our reptilian overlords, this podcast is for you. The hosts discuss various paranormal, cryptozoological, extraterrestrial, etc topics in a fun and hilarious manner. Don’t forget to raise your glass of Bot Booze and eat your cheese muffins.

Caramelly & Chocolatey

A full 8 inches of caramelly and chocolatey podcast. Take it all in, you won't want to finish it quickly.


I discovered Hysteria 51 when Brent and John guest hosted on Blurry Photos a while ago (can’t even remember the topic). I’ve been hooked ever since! These guys take conspiracy theories and look at them with humor and realism - acknowledging that sometimes the government is crazy and sometimes the “tin foil hat crowd” is crazy. I often find myself laughing out loud when listening to them!

A great podcast. Wish he produced more

Loved every podcast. Keep them coming

Hold up wait a minute! What's that sound!? It's the sound of a Nazi bout to get the beat down. Actually though. Hysteria 51 is the only podcast regarding comedy, conspiracy and pop culture on this side of the lower 4th dimension. Cbot a monotone lab built robot with a hankering for destruction will be your your guide along side hosts Brent Hand and John Goforth. Often inviting guests to tackle discussions concerning the strange planet we inhabit. Sit down, and buckle up. Your in for a wild ride.

Great Podcast

A great podcast if you like weirdness and drunk robots.

Love this show

One of my favorite podcasts with my favorite hosts. You guys guessed it. C-BOT. Keep up the good work! Maybe one day Brent and John will let the reigns go and let you run wild

Hands down the most ridiculous thing I listen to. You're missing out. Subscribe, it's as simple as that.

On a Scale From 1 - 10, It's a 51!

If you like all manner of mysterious tales -- be they actual true tales, myth or somewhere in between -- you will love the Hysteria 51 podcast. Belief or skepticism in any area of the paranormal is not a prerequisite. All that is required is the very human desire to be entertained. And Hysteria 51 delivers in this area. Hosts John Goforth, Brent Hand, and Conspiracy Bot (listen and you’ll understand) take deep, and interesting, dives into many of the spooky, bizarre and downright strange stories that span the spectrum from paranormal to true crime. I grew up reading about many of the topics they discuss, and have been introduced to ones new to me. Listening to all of them is a pleasure! You know how with your favorite pod casts, you get excited and happy when you see a new one in your feed? This is that. Subscribe now, you’ll be glad you did. Production quality is clearly professional. The audio quality is top-notch, the length of the programs is right in the meaty part of the Bell Curve, being neither too short nor too long. Perfect listening for commutes (extra points for listening at night, alone in your car!) And the topics they cover is widely varied, but easily fits into the wheelhouse of all those whose taste skews a bit toward the strange and mysterious. Ok, Conspiracy Bot, I gave a good review, will you let my family go free now?

One of The Best

Love this podcast. When I’m having a stressful day the remedy is to spend my lunch break listening to this podcast. I like the irreverent attitude and the topic range. I’m even growing fond of CBot. Hysteria 51 was one of the first podcasts I chose to support via Patreon.

Hands down the best podcast on my phone

I’m a Fedex driver and this podcast has me in stitches on my longest days. Can’t get enough of these guys. C-Bot is a douche but he does bring his own bit of charm to this podcast. I love the topics that they pick and how they dive deep to bring it to life in the minds eye. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends and anyone else that asks for a recommendation. Five HUGE stars.

My weekly humor podcast.

A weekly dive into various conspiracy theories from around the world served up with riotous humor that makes it a worthy listen for anyone. Just looking for a wacky pod cast to make you laugh? Want to learn more about Lizard People and their arctic bases? Maybe you just want to support two guys and their home built robot. If any of these apply to you this is your stop. If you aren’t laughing by the end of the cast, regardless of the subject, you’re probably a government test subject locked away in Area 51.

Cheese Muffins

Love this show! I look forward to every new episode. Glad to see these guys grow in the podcast world.


this is blake harris. took me forever to try and reget my apple id. been years. and they didnt retieveit for a week. but god its worth it. best thing, i only did it to give yall 5 stars. love you guys. pre download so i can secretly listen to u whil at work. kill it. richard arris on face book,but f the dicknick name. lil drunk dont judge

Funny as hell

Keeps me in stitches when I’m working.

Super original concept and love how they take deep dives in every topic!

Love C-Bot

Brent is an ugly pigeon


I love you C-bot, but please stay away from my cats.

My new favorite!!!

For starters, I redownloaded the podcast app, that I don’t typically use, just to give these guys 5 stars. I love that they have a great mix of comedy and serious facts. I started listening a few weeks ago, and I’m already about 120 episodes in. The quality of audio is great, compared to a lot of other podcasts on similar topics. I even made a Patreon account just to help them keep doing what they do best. LISTEN TO THIS!!!! P.S. - I love you C-Bot!!!

Pure goodness!

I love the show. It’s incredible the range of topics and hilarious and creative insight from the guys. C-Bot eat a D*** your not yourself when you’re hungry 🍆🤖. Btw you should do an episode on the Belgium Wave 1989-90 US space weapons program. SDI...Space defense Initiative. Jaime R. Bejar Phx Az

Good stuff

Funny as hell. I love c-bot. I’d like to hear more of him. You learn stuff and laugh.


Superb podcast — for those of you that love conspiracy, aliens and laughing alone in your car, while listening to cool people talk about cool stuff. Hey! I totally forgot about this podcast, until I heard the Patreon att cross-over!

Pretty entertaining

Pretty goofy and low key, but entertaining. If you're looking for a ton of hardcore info, maybe this isn't the show. But some funny, not too serious alien talk, this show is pretty good. Also guys - please stop introducing C-Bot, and drop the intro songs for guests (Pecker). These are so annoying and lame and unnecessary.

If at first....

I dove in head first to an episode with literally no info on what the show was like. I quit after ten minutes of conspiracy bot saying weird stuff and the guys arguing with him. I started over this week and immediately fell in love with the format, the content, and the atmosphere. The guys are great. I don’t hate conspiracy bot, and I feel like they actually know what they’re talking about. The weird British announcer is awesome, but I feel like he needs to make more puns. Matt The Milennial ALMOST ruined the lazar episodes for me. Spent the whole time hoping that the guys wouldn’t pause long enough for Matt to make some stupid comment that has nothing to do with anything, say something in a bad accent, or make threats for no reason. All said, I’ll keep listening. Tally ho

Strangely addicting

Like a foot fungus it grows on you. Love homicidal c-not and Brent’s an ugly pigeon

Funny guys busting conspiracy theories & fake news

These guys are a riot for anyone sick of conspiracy theories and fake news. They research the topic and give pros/cons for theory and even call b.s. when needed. A fun & entertaining podcast.