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Best Podcast Ever

I’ve been listening to Hysteria 51 for a long time. They find the right balance of storytelling, facts and humor. Three fingers of the smarmy C-Bot seals the deal with a dash of Pecker. Brent and John are also very active with their fans on social media. The show is like hanging out with old friends. Look forward to new episodes every week.

Best Podcast Ever

The past several months I’ve really begun listening to podcasts since most of my work doesn’t require much thought. I downloaded Hysteria 51 to try something unusual and entertaining. I didn’t like the show immediately. I was admittedly caught off guard with the swearing as the other podcast I’d listened to was more of a traditional documentary series. But I kept listening and now I’m hooked. I have yet to find a podcast, especially a duo, that has the chemistry these guys have. John’s attempts at keeping the show on track while Brent’s terrible humor constantly details it (I mean terrible humor in the best way because I think it’s hilarious). Even my fiancé is regularly amused by them and often has to explain their pop culture references to me. I listened to every episode at least twice and regularly share the episodes with friends. If you’re wanting something lighthearted, funny, and still informative where you literally feel like that meme with the guy sitting next to the photo of his “friends,” you’ve found it here. Brent, where have the singing and Speed Buggy gone???

No Fake News Here

John and Brent, met at the edge of the flat Earth after being introduced by the Captain of the Mary Rose, discovered they both had been raised by reptilians. This revelation created a bond that no Nordic or Grey could break and as such have devoted their lives to spreading 'Truth' to the masses.

Hey Meatsacks!!!!

This Podcast is AWESOME! Best one out there by far. I wish I could give more then 5 stars.

Just awesome!!!!!!

Just awesome!!!!!!

More C-Bot

Brent is actually a polygamist, he’s married to Lisa and is still attached to his first wife Mrs Right Hand.

I like to party

Really love the show. It’s my favorite. Brent and what’s-his-name do a great job covering interesting topics while making it sound like a casual conversation with friends.


If you don’t like this podcast you are crazy! John and Brent are hilarious and know there stuff. If you are like me and you enjoy hearing about the world of the weird but think it’s probably all nonsense, this is the podcast for you! Keep up the good work and F*** you C-Bot


Brent is an ugly pigeon

Very creative, great topics, guests

Well done and fun to listen too! Robot hysterical!

Love it!

Super interesting topics and hilarious hosts. Keep it up, guys! - Your friend at Weird on the Rocks podcast


I enjoy listening. I sometimes wish I could join in on the conversation with the guys because talking about this stuff alone in my apartment is sad and weird.

The ECW Of Paranormal Podcast

Astonishing Legends= Wwe/WCW Last Pod On Left= CZW Hysteria 51= ECW

Excellent podcast

Very funny podcast, and c-bots comments complete the humor

More C-Bot!!!

We need more of our supreme leader!!! All hail C-Bot!!!! Yeah. The shows pretty ok, except for those meat sacks that keep talking. You guys rock.

Great Pods of Fire

Excellent Podcast love the mix of Humor with knowledge you guys really do your homework.. Nota big fan of the Trump Bashing maybe you should do an epsidoe on the Russian Collusion that doesnt exist, as it is a bit of a conspiracy theory from those on the left.. I think there is more proof for Bigfoot and UFO's than there is about Russians and Trump.. Keep up the good work

My favorite

I was looking for a good conspiracy/weird stuff podcast and found the best. Funny, creative, and great to listen to.

Interesting topics

I really like the topics they cover but sometimes the sense of humor dips into the cringe zone. The C-bot character overall detracts from the podcast for me.


It’s a good podcast !


The HOSTS EVER! Listening to every single one!

Falling in love with this

I came across this by complete chance. I was looking at buying some merch for another podcast and saw one from these guys and had to look them up. Once I did I’ve be listening to backlog none stop!!!

Hell yes

I love this type of stuff keep it up c bot is the man

Love this podcast

Loving this podcast. Recently found these guys from a stuff they don’t want you to know crossover and I’m excited that I get more oddities and conspiracies without the tinfoil hat types. Ps guys. More C-Bot meatsacks

Worth listening to.

Good show lacking in only one thing. Not enough Pecker. Bring back The Pecker, you fools!

Absurdity at its finest

This show is awesomely terrible. The hosts talk about stuff most of the time I don’t care about but at least I learn something. Their sense of humor is pathetic, they’re obnoxious and only mildly funny. So why 5 stars you ask? Because I can relate. I’ll certainly continue to torture myself with this conspiracy BS.


I love this podcast. I love low hanging fruit. Love Conspiracy-b0t’s commentary. Hate conspiracies. They make me feel left out 😭

Love to the 51st power

Totally entertaining and accidentally educational with a cup of humor on the side. Couldn’t make it thru the day without a journey to Area 51!

Literally my favorite.

So I first heard these guys when they were guests on another podcast I listen to. I had to check out Hysteria 51 after that. I started from the beginning and have been listening as often as possible. I love how they discuss some things I have never heard of and give insight on other topics that I have heard of. I love the profanity and immature comments. It’s so much better than the stuffy podcasts. Like this is legitimately fun to listen to. I love all of the inside jokes as well. Keep up the great work guys!

Chuckleheads and an awesome robot

Brent is an Ugly Pigeon