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Great podcast

I listen to podcasts all day at work and this is one of those uniquely entertaining and funny podcasts that takes a skeptical look at the world of the unusual. The host have great charisma/chemistry and it works on so many levels.


I listen to podcasts all day every day and this is one of the better ones. Informative and funny. Best of all these guys did not drink the koolaid. Lots of pop culture inside jokes. I look forward to each new episode. Stay woke meatsacks!

It’s ok

Great show. love it.

Love you guys!

C-bot touched me

Terrific way to catch some interesting topics, always entertaining. Conspiracy bot needs to be more involved.

Pretty entertaining

They cover a lot of stuff I haven’t heard of, and send me down a rabbit hole (there’s probably a sound plug here) of research afterwards. Pretty interesting stories, but the Ron Burgundy Podcast ads make me want to turn it off. So annoying lol.

So worth it you’ll want to give them your money!

Love the podcast. I’ve listened to all the episodes Tarantino style already and going through again. Listen to the show while delivering the mail. It’s great entertainment for a can of Pepsi! It just needs a C-bot and Joe Peck spin-off!!

Keep getting Better

Possible Rasputin episode, connected with Anastasia of the Romanov’s still being alive. Billy Meier and his encounters with ET’s and supposed evidence. Thanks!

Love this podcast never miss an episode. It helps fill my hour commute to work. If your looking for a conspiracy podcast that covers everything this is it. Oh also....all hail conspiracy bot.

I would give it negative stars but Conspiracy Bot is one sexy Mother Lover and his research skills are top notch...

always entertaining and informative. although cbot is a right cunt.

I enjoy these people talking. ENJOYABLE AND INFORMATIVE. Brett's voice is like a jockey of the finest Bourbon, smooth and barrel aged. John's sultry knowledge drops makes me feel...things. C-Bot is a robot. 5 stars, and, if you send them $30 you get to smell John.


I enjoy this podcast listen everyweek but I disagree with them on certain things. So 4 star 🚶🏾‍♂️

Regardless of the topic the show is always informative and entertaining.

One of best podcast out there, very interesting and engaging.

Simply the BEST!!

Hey guys... I am a long haul truck driver out of Chicago and have a CRAP LOAD of time on my hands daily. I found this podcast by accident and instantly became hooked. The shows are well thought out and every one has been an instant hit with me. Very entertaining!!! I have started listening to the episodes starting at the beginning and have not found one crap episode yet. They guys and their guests all accent themselves perfectly. The show stealer, neutrally, is of course.... C-BOT!!! I don’t care what anyone says... a bot with homicidal tendencies is still the funniest f*#king thing EVER!! Please keep up the great work. Thanks guys. Wesley B.

Why didn’t I do this earlier?

If you like to hear conspiracies with a comedic genius twist then this is not the podcast for you. This is a quote from the third host of this podcast, Conspiracy Bot. However, everyone else says that this is fun and witty. Two thumbs way up.

$45 and $35?

I’m willing to pay that., on y’alls behalf. To do it to each other. Deal?

The best of the best!!!


Have Kevin on more. He is great with your banter. Alsom lved his intro!


Jeremy Corbell is a hack and these guys made him sound tolerable. I ma impressed.

Excelent at Interviews

♪♫♬ Bob Lazar, Bob Lazar ♪♫♬

Cbot is a handsome chicken

This show is amazing and entertaining and gets me through both the work day and when I’m crying in the corner naked. I suspect C bot is my robot spirit animal guide.

Fun informational podcast about odd things

The host are fun and it is more of a comedy podcast that gives the information about each weeks subject and doesnt go down the rabbit hole of belief, The debate epsidoes about flat earth were very interesting to see the sides of logic, the sound drops add to the comedy with right timing and clip, but its a fun listen on stuff that basically ends with, heres some ideas but well probably not know the truth.

This is from an older episode....

....but I’m starting from the beginning so Brent is an ugly pigeon. Anyway! Absolutely love this show, been listening for a few weeks and it just gets better and better. Pretty sure I’ve alienated some friends with how much I talk about it. They just can’t handle the truth.

Stay woke meatsacks

Stay woke meatsacks

Excellent podcast!!

The hosts are very funny but also very informative. I wish I could give more than 5 stars!

Make it stop

I dirtied up my beautiful windows machine with itunes and gave you 5 stars. Now make the robot stop sending power tools, drums of mayonaise and sex dolls to my house. Love you guys. First podcast I ever went back and listened to every episode of.

A Majestic Show

Fun show, topics, and humor. Does feel like a rip off of “A special episode of Unsolved Mysteries” where Robert Stack and R2-D2 played drinking games and made questionable life choices, but everything else is great.

One Of The Best Podcasts Out There

I only got into podcasts in the last few months and after a month or so I had real trouble finding out why podcasts were still a thing. I was within hours of writing the whole concept off as a aberrant mutation of the online world. Like a big coelacanth that exists entirely in the dark and is repugnant after just a few minutes. Then I found Hysteria 51 and because the show is so awesome it encouraged me to continue exploring the podcast universe. Sure, a lot of the topics are the same ones covered by countless other podcasts, but I always learn at least one thing I didn’t know about a given topic and I always get some good laughs. A few times I’ve laughed so hard I cried and once even sharted a bit. If you’re going to give it a try don’t worry about the first few episodes. They get it figured out pretty quick. It’s truly a great podcast and I don’t think I could expect anything better than Hysteria 51.