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Interesting topics and even more interesting hosts

This show explores the vast phenomenons of the world as well as the supernatural. With such deep topics that have a lot of content, the hosts waste no time diving in with their comedic blend of comedy adding to the topic as well as creating a show environment strong enough to stand on its own!

Paranormal podcast + AM Morning Zoo= 5 Stars

The best paranormal podcast out there. One of the best podcasts out there on any subject. Episodes never drag on, and the hosts are reasonably skeptical, and somewhat well informed. I always enjoy episodes with Pecker, just for the interaction between him and C-bot.

Five star

Love the podcast and the topics . Show is great to listen to even while working in the reptilian mines . Would give it another five stars but joe peck and Cbot haven’t fused to Peckbot yet

This podcast is just too much fun. With paranormal, crypto, UFO or historically odd topics, Brent and John add their witty banter with a splash of 80's kid pop culture references that make me giggle like a little kid. And C-bot.... he can eat my whole ass!

Awesome show. LISTEN TO IT!!!

What I need


C-boob, John go 4th, and uhh

Absolutely love this pod cast

Worth while and informative

Brent and John or Jon + C-bot and sometimes Mr. Pecker, have good chemistry and pick pretty popular topics. Its fun to listen to with great sound clips, and pop culture references that I understand and don’t include the Kardashian’s or Ariana Grande don’t quote me on that. And despite his kill all humans attitude C-Bot is pretty cool too. Keep up the great work and always look forward to the next episode.

Always entertaining

Give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


I think your podcast is pretty good. Conspiracy bot can get a little old if you use him too much in an episode. I wish you would cover things a little more seriously. I realize most conspiracies are crazy people but getting a fair shake is everyone’s due.

Awesome show!

Love this show. You guys rock!

Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck

Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck Joe Peck...and maybe Kevin.


This guys crack me up. I’ve been binge listening like Brent binge drinks bud light


I love this podcast. Stuck on all episodes and could listen to them over and over.. funny, informational, and great for anybody who is to conspiracies. 👍🤘

Love it

So funny. So informative. Great job guys! Keep it up.

5 stars

The entree took about 45 minutes and the waiter c-bot was horribly rude. Nice ambiance though.

smart and funny

So much fun! They are not gratuitously crass for no reason. Great info and intriguing perspectives.

The intros tho....

So friggin good! The intros kill me The topics intrigue me The hosts crack me up Only one complaint: Brent should sing more :-)


Found this show b/c of Blurry Photos, AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!! Im going through your catalog of shows (and listening to them ALL!!!) and every topic is fantastic!!! Highly entertaining and educational!!!

The truth is out there... but you won’t find it here

Hysteria 51 is a phenomenal podcast. Each episode is a well paced hour, with plenty of time given for an intro, setting the background, digging deeper and giving a well-rounded wrap up. What really makes the podcast excel is a fantastic balance. The show is both well researched and there are thought provoking discussions, while at the same time adding in plenty of humor to keep things light. It’s one that can hook you in with the topic and keep you engaged with the humor and personalities.

C-Bot RULES!!!

Entertaining, marginally informative, best bot ever. Keep the drinks (I mean episodes) flowing!


I gave them 5 stars because they told me to.....

I love joe peck

I still haven’t got my free shirt!!!!!

Best podcast in history

Podcast history is made. None better. Start at the beginning but be prepared for Netflix level bingeing!

You will be woken to Laughter and Conspiracy

Great podcast with a fresh take on conspiracies, cryptids and mysteries of the world. I love the humor of Hysteria 51 and it's discussion format. With fun banter and topics from the hosts, guests and a smartass robot this is the podcast for me.

Men in Black

Hey guys, I’m starting at the beginning and listening to all the original ones first. Just finished the MIB episode and when y’all did the Detroit Rock City quote, it put a smile in my face! Thanks! 😎

The "MST3K" of fringe topic podcasting

I always look forward to my commute Monday morning knowing I will kick it off with a new Hysteria 51 episode. The topics are fun, and although the crew provides considerable banter and sarcastic commentary, I still feel like there is an indepth look into a subject rather than using it as satirical or roast fodder. The chemistry of the crew makes it feel like I'm drinking with my friends which I'm sure C-bot would approve of. Glad to be part of the Hysteria Nation!

Very Entertaining

Just started listening to this and I’m hooked. These guys are great and I love (most of) the content!

Love ya

Really love your show. Great concept. Very good topics.

Es un buen podcast

Lots of fun. Maybe too much sex talk, but I believe that to be a reflection of the occasional failure to come up with anything else to say. This is very common when you have to say SOMETHING at all times. Having said this, I think in general it is a very entertaining show. I love Conspiracy Bot.