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A 5 Star Riot

The only reason I am giving this 5 star review is we need more Conspiracy Bot. Love the show keep it up.

All around fun podcast

These guys provide the research and details on all sorts of conspiracy related phenomena, but manage to keep it upbeat and enjoyable to listen to. Pop culture references come up often enough to break up the monotony of some topics, and honestly an all around great fun podcast.

Good Contact - Constantly interrupting one another

I'd give you guys 5 stars, but there are times you guys get so lost in the weeds, interrupt one another quite frequently with bad jokes and sometimes don't get back to the topic at hand. But you have gotten better than 2 yrs ago, so I have high hopes you'll get even better.

Hilarious, smart and informative

Perfect mix of comedy, information and skepticism. These guys don’t just spew out conspiracy theories. They present the theories in a logical and humorous way.

Sears Tower for Life

Hooked as soon as they referred to it as Sears Tower. -Fellow Chicagoan


I look forward to them for this show. Brent and John are a good combo, throw in Peeeeeeecker and the other great guest it makes for a hell of a show with good interesting topics. Then there’s C- Bot who’s nuts and bolts hold the show together. Keep up the good work!

Brent is an ugly pigeon.

Stay woke meat sacks!

Support this pod!

Self deprecating humorous hosts. Check. High production. Check. Intellectual storytelling . Check. Scientifically tested theories. Check. Joe Peck losing an argument to a 1981 dot matrix printer with a paper jam and missing ink ribbon. Checkmate.

Never disappointed!

Love these guys! They never fail to make me laugh or keep me interested. Love when they throw a little Pecker into the mix. Joe, too.

Great podcast!

Their banter is so fun!I love Conspiracy Bot and I for one welcome our robot overlords!


Grown men with 12 year old sense of humor. They have me laughing all day at work. They talk about a little of everything but never take themselves too serious. A great podcast to listen too.

Stay woke, meat sacks

Awesome show, please keep up the great work. C-Bot, how's that jetpack working out for you?


I would give this show 10 out of five stars...yeah that math checks out. I love this show and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to hear a large amount of info about mysteries, alleged alien encounters, and all around strange stories in hilarious fashion.

My new favorite!

Love the podcast! This is my new favorite! Hosts are smart with a great sense of humor.

Pecker is the best

Pecker is the best... the robot is a close second. Sorry guys.


Finally a paranormal show that is not just the same tired telling and believing of everycrazy story. These kids broke the mold, good for them!

Very entertaining

Love the show. A humorous but serious look at bizarre stories. Love the dynamic between the hosts. Keep up the great work!


very entertaining

Best podcast find

Having caught up on all of my go-to podcasts, I decided to search around for something new and came across Hysteria 51. I love a good conspiracy theory and after logging too many hours of poltical podcasts something with a sense of humor was in order. After listening to the most recent episode I would gladly recommend this podcast to anyone in need of a good laugh. Brent and John had me laughing out loud in my office. I am also a native to Central Illinois, who now lives in New Hampshire and teaches at a Liberal Arts College (where no one has ever heard of the Bon Air in Alton.) It really put a smile on my face hear about things from back home. Very excited to catch up on the previous seasons/episodes, this should keep me busy for a while! Keep that content coming! I will spread the word to other listeners in the Upper Valley.

Well done!


So Good

But tell John it won't kill him realize there are things out there he can't wrap his head around. Soemtimes I think he is skeptical for sport.


Brent and John and Cbot are masters at teaching while joking. I actually hear about subjects that are out there without being preached to that I must think one way or the other. Don't ghet it twisted, they are skeptics, John much more than Brent, but they give everything a fair shake. This is a must listen if you are into the paranormal or conspiracy world.


i recently discovered this podcast & i am totally obsessed!! keep up the good work guys!


They look at the paranormal and make it fun.

Another Podcast to Marathon

Hi! New listener, coming from Maine and Boston!! I don’t know your general age range but I feel like a baby at 21 going through the Facebook page. Y’all are great though I love when you talk about Giorgio from Ancient Aliens cause my dad and I have drinking game centering him and the phrase “ancient astronaut theorists.” I plow through podcasts, got through the whole back log of Where Did the Road Go? and Project Archivist. Y’all are next in line and I’m already through a ton of them!! Enjoying the hell out of it and haven’t checked out your store yet but if you’ve got a shirt that says “stay woke meat sacks” that’s gonna be my next treat yourself purchase. I love c-bot and, for one, embrace my future robot overlords. Peace out Ryan

Good human show

Hello human podcasters, I am Gleek glok of the Planet Omicron Persei 7, nephew of LRR ruler the planet Omicron Persei 8. I am contempt with your humann radio show. Another reason for LRR ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8 to not destroy your earth ball planet.

A super funny Podcast!

Absolutely one of the best podcasts out there. Just stumbled across this, and I absolutely love the show. I love C-bot!

Love It!

I feel like I am hanging with the bro’s in the man cave! Keep up the good work guys!

Could be greatness

Could easily be a 5 star if they would tone back the over use of drops and laughter stuff. Maybe I’m depressed and no fun but in all honesty it’s to much with the voices/audio clips. Other than all that the guys do an amazing job with their information and research.

I love c bot

Great show! I love the fact you link everything to the nazis or the reptilians. Or reptilian nazis. I LOVE C BOT