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These guys are awesome

I ❤️ CBOT. And those other guys

Jeff from CHM Podcast

I have recently discovered the boys and C-Bot and I cant get enough of these guys and the great and instructive topicsa they have on the show! keep it up and I truly love your show!


I think you will like Joe Peck on this show even if he can only be there every other time.

I Love Cbot

Brent is still an ugly pigeon but I love Cbot also

I Love Cbot!

Pretty much the only show I listen to anymore on paranormal topics. they are just better than everyone else. Long Live J.P.


Heard about this show from another podcast two weeks ago and have been hooked since ran through all of 2017 episode, Hosts are Hilarious and normal. They are more than just Meat Sacks hahaha listen and you will understand what that means.

Love the show

My wife and I both listen and we love it! I’m. It sure if “I love c-bot”... but check them out!!! Sincerely Locutus of borg

Hell yeah from Texas

You guys are the best and funniest podcast I’ve found. Been listen to y’all for a while and look forward to every Monday! I love all the strange brew references you guys do. Keep it up Dustin

Awesome guys doing an awesome job

Love the podcast! These guys, plus a little robot help, have a super funny podcast that explores quite a few different topics that are great to listen about and learn from! They have interesting topics, great voices, and even better jokes; I’ve recommended it to a few friends with confidence that they’ll enjoy it too.

The meat sacks are ok...

..but Conspiracy Bot is the JAM! More of him!! Oh, and never let Peck back on the show again.

Conspiracy Bot is my Spirit Animal

Just started listening to the show and after two days, am about 10 episodes in. I’m hooked. Conspiracy, aliens, the paranormal, and humor... this one has it all. Plus a snarky robot. A+. 5 stars. All the awards.

Great show!

Awesome podcast, and C Bot the real MVP 🏆🤖👍🏽


First time ever rating anything. I always thought it was silly, but his show is just fantastic. Love Brent and John and the way they make you actuallu learn about a topic and let you make up your own mind about it. They will always tell you their opinion, but let you know both sides which is rare and refreshing,. Not taking the topics too seriously, and not pssing onbelievers. The way it should be. They also mix in a RIDICULOUS amout of smart humor and hidden references that I feel are lost on most listsners, but it is really appreciated. If you haven't listened, you are missing out. If you did and were not a fan, you should reevaluate your life and question where you went wrong.


I have never laughed so hard while listening to a semi- logical break down of conspiracy theories. The hosts are witty and informative. C-bot is bitter, but has some good qualities too,

Cbot love slave

Such a refreshing change from the ho hum crap most conspiracy shows pump out. Literally the best in the genre. Please keep it up boys, and long live Pecker!

Combine creepy and educational

The best resource to get freaked out and educated about all things weird and bizarre in this world (and maybe from outside).

Amaze balls

Stumbled across this podcast while just looking for conspiracy podcast the best thing I did was to subscribe cbot is amazing these guys keep me laughing a great podcast

Pull Cbots RAM

This is a great little podcast with real interesting subjects (most of the time) the hosts work well together and are funny. The stupid robot is annoying and vulgar, could probably do without that, but I get it that some people must like it. Maybe they should change it to Skeptical 51, because they haven’t found a single conspiracy they believe in.

whoaaa! heyyy! (gravelly NYC accent)

if i had a son i'd probably skip his baseball games just so i could drive around and listen to more episodes of this podcast. five stars!

Great podcast

Well done podcast with great host !!!!!!!! Subscribe to this one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very funny, pretty weird, and

...they seem to have better researched stories of the strange than many a more "serious" Paranormal Mysteryspiracy Pods. (Including my own) Thanks for the laughs and for the insights, Dudes! -Steve from Baked and Awake


Okay C-Bot please stop holding me against my will… I’ll do a review on the show. It’s great show! In all seriousness it’s a great fun show, come on in the water’s fine!

Love it

Keep up the great work guys! All hail to our new overlord conspiracy bot!


Been listening to this podcast for a few days now and aliens always interest me. This show brings an amusing take on all the crazy “flat earthers” out there and makes it extremely interesting to watch. Great show!

Well Done

What a fantastic and well put together show! I look forward to a new episode each week. And C-BOT can burn in Hell.

Best podcast

I can’t stop listening! Or laughing 😂

Well Now

Randomly found this show one day and wow, it is a blast. Hosts that keep it entertainign while handling topics that are just plain crazy. so much win. I find myself really looking forward to the new episode each week. You asked for reviews, here you go. You deserve 5 stars

Great Show

Love the show. Thanks for choosing a T-shirt company that’s fat guy friendly. Love my Hysteria 51 T-shirt. Would love to hear a show on the New Jersey devil. Keep up the good work. Conspiracy Bot needs to chill and smoke some bud!


Love your Montauk episode. Spot on.


Awesome podcast