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I don't think you can. Hillarious, thought provoking, and super well done. Check it out!

Interesting and Funny!

Great podcast! Hilarious and intelligent! A lot of work definately goes into this show. Keep it up!! Antonio from Salamander Blue Jeans

Love the show, great production quality,

...too many Bill Cosby jokes

Interesting listen!

I don’t usually listen to alien stuff, but this one is definitely a good listen! Well done!

Not usually my genre, but!

I really enjoyed this, even though I don't usually seek out this genre (I mean, more of a true crime girl, obviously!) But this is great. The hosts are fun, funny, and don't take themselves too seriously at all! You should try it out!

Love the fun crazy nutjob stuff

There's nothing better than a big drink of nuttery...or is it nuttery...They don't want you to know! Fun show.

A Great Listen

A podcast that explores the mysteries of the unknown with great fervor. The approach in the way the subjects are attacked seem almost like we should all be hanging out at the break room or water cooler. Definitely a very cool conspiracy podcast.

A great jump into conspiracy theories

Listened to a few episodes so far and have really enjoyed all of them. I'm from Indianapolis where H.H. Holmes murdered some people and it was interesting to hear more about the history behind the country's first serial killer.


Excellent show. Keep it up!

Get Out Your Tinfoil

Looking at the weird world we live in through a more critical and questioning lens.

So crazy it must be true.

You just can't make this stuff up! Great podcast.

Great show!

A really interesting take on some very cool subjects! Honestly one of the better podcasts for this genre. You won’t regret it! -AGC


This show is totally in my wheelhouse! I love talking cryptozoology and conspiracy theories. I love the infor an the humor of this show! A really fun listen:)

Great podcast

I just listened to the Polybius episode, great episode. looking over the other titles, i would say you have great content. will be coming back to catch up on your other episodes.


New favorite podcast!

Enjoying these guys

Been listening daily on my commute. Highly recommended. Funny and interesting.

Conspiracy bot is the singularity

If you love beers, robots conspiracies and two guys trying to figure it out well this podcast is for you well research with the taste of talk radio it’s a great combo for any of your conspiracy paranormal minded listeners

One of my favorites!

This is the best way to tone out co-workers on a Monday morning! Subscribed!


I really enjoy the humor they throw into the conspiracy theories/ facts. They are touching upon pretty much every conspiracy I ever wanted to talk about. They are very responsive on Facebook- just joined yesterday and I am loving it!

My favorite show.

Love the laughs and the honest take on paranormal stuff. hard to fuind but you guys do it. Do more Monster show when you can! Bigfoot, mothman, chupacabra, werewolf, etc

Conspiracy Bot is obviously the best..

But his co-host are pretty okay too. If you like the paranormal, conspiracies, and to laugh, this is the podcast for you! The hosts may clown around, but don’t let that fool you! These guys are sharp on all the topics they cover! You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll love, you’ll cry. Just download an episode so C-Bot can “Robot.. PARTY ALL THE TIME!”

Entertainig fun Podcast but.

There's always a but, Love the podcast, very informiative in a conspiracy theories kind of way. been listening for a few weeks now on and off playing catch up. Would of given you all 5 stars if not for the pollitical stuff, if i want that stuff i'll go on facebook, twitter, a pollitical conversational pod cast, or any of the other media outlets there are out there. It's actually kind of a turn off. But besides that you guys are killing it, makes my work day go by much quicker, and you're from my home town which is always a plus

Robot Love!!

Not only do I love this show, it turned me on to Travel Oddities as well, which is great. Love the bickering and the bot.

My New Favorite!

Conspiracy theories, aliens and more! The guys do a great job on so many topics. I look forward to every episode!

Couldn't stop listening

Found this podcast a week and a half ago and binged all the episodes, NO REGRETS!!!!

Love the show guys!

I listen to your podcast at work, great topics, very entertaining. Conspiracy Bot is awesome!

Good Stuff

Salukis Rule!!!! Love the show keep it up

One Great Podcast

Hysteria 51 is great. Between Brent and John’s sci-fi and true crime banter and Conspiracy Bot’s hilarious one liners, this show is a riot. Highly recommended. These guys really do appreciate their fans so a review is the least I can do.

So much fun

Love all the crazy topics. Only complaint, I wish they would get to the topic right away. I can do without the randomness for 10 minutes. But the rest of thr show is amazing.


Brett is an Ugly pigeon.