May 16, 2022

Blurry Hysteria 5: Dry Mead Pits

Blurry Hysteria 5: Dry Mead Pits

Don’t you just hate it when you dump a body and forget all about it. Then decades of climate change come a calling and said body comes back to haunt you? No... just our robot? Well, sadly, he’s not alone as Lake mead in Nevada is at its lowest levels in history. That is making long forgotten things dumped in there to come back with a vengeance. Plus, we hop across the pond to the ever-weird Stonehenge for more mysteries as hundreds of man-made pits have been discovered at the location predating the henge itself by thousands of years. What the hell kind of shenanigans were going on at this place??? How many bodies are in Lake Mead? Why did my dad watch Hee Haw? We take a swing at answering 2 out of the 3 this week on Blurry Hysteria.

News Stories Mentioned:
Dry Mead -  Special Thanks to Aaron Babel for this story
Stonehenge Pits -

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