Sept. 21, 2021

Clifford Stone: Alien Recovery | 257

Clifford Stone: Alien Recovery  | 257

So, it turns out "recovery" is a thing in the military. Some folks recover crashed planes, others recover nuclear material, and then there's Clifford Stone...he recovered aliens. Well crashed alien craft and their bodies to be specific. Stone claims to have been involved with or have knowledge of at least 12 alien crashes in his 22 year military career. Jeesh, these aliens really need better driver's ed. But what exactly did they do with the bodies? Have we been reverse engineering the craft for our own technological gains? What's the best planet to visit for a vacation? We ask all the questions this week as we break down Clifford Stone. Plus, Val Kilmer makes his triumphant return to H51 (meaning we talk about him), Conspiracy Bot gets jealous when we admire another A.I. (frankly we admire all other A.I.), and Rob Kristofferson makes a return visit to the lower 4th to add actual insights to the discussion (we weren't sure either). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have top secret clearance, but we loved the movie Top Secret – Hysteria 51.

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