Jan. 10, 2022

Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure | 268

Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure | 268

"For as with all things paramount to humanity's survival, when the issues and interests reach a boiling point, the masses will enact change. Are we truly alone? Or have we evolved to a new epoch in the annals of mankind's existence?" That's what this week's documentary asks us to ponder.

Tyler Transue and Chris Ruppert of Doc Side Media are joining us to talk their new documentary Conscious Contact: Full Disclosure. It is right up the H51 alley as it covers aliens, experiencers, hybrids, UFOs, consciousness, and telepathy. All told though the experiences of 5 individuals. All that and more this week on the podcast that is down for conscious contact, but not so much with the unconscious type, Hysteria 51 

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