Dec. 14, 2022

DAVID FLORA WEEK- Spring Heeled Jack: England’s Weirdest Paranormal Legend | 313

DAVID FLORA WEEK- Spring Heeled Jack: England’s Weirdest Paranormal Legend | 313
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David Flora Week Day 3! This time we go back to 2019 and let David flex his random accent muscles a plenty as we talk Spring-Heeled Jack. If you are into gropey, fire belching leapers with a total disregard for stagecoach safety then you are in luck!

Original Description
This week we hop BACK over the pond to merry ol’ England to tackle a most vile and sinister serial…slapper? Well – slapper, groper, fire belcher, carriage crasher, and more. This week we’re looking into the legend of Spring Heeled Jack. This mischievous prankster allegedly had metal claws, could leap over 10 ft. walls, breath blue fire, apparently loved to slap authority figures, and cause carriages to crash. But who was this British bouncer? Is this just a folk tale re-told over the years to explain away hundreds of different events, was there a person of extraordinary ability terrorizing the countryside, or were these just a series of glorified fraternity pranks? David Flora of the Blurry Photos podcast joins the fun to help us uncover the identity of Britain’s strangest urban legend. Plus, Conspiracy Bot tries to get rid of Flora (he’s protective of BRENT’S beer), the fellas all try their hands at a British accent and fail miserably (shocking), and a related ghost in Long Island sounds eerily similar to Keanu Reeves (whoa). All of that and more on the podcast that’s never terrified women by blowing fire into their face, we do it the old fashioned way, by letting them see our work ethic and bank account – Hysteria 51.

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