Dec. 16, 2022

DAVID FLORA WEEK- The Bell Witch: Real Tennessee Poltergeist or Made Up Legend? | 315

DAVID FLORA WEEK- The Bell Witch: Real Tennessee Poltergeist or Made Up Legend? | 315
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David Flora Week Day 5! Holy crap we made it through a whole week of the mustachioed mad man, pre-hosting duties! And what better way to round out the week than a land deal going south that turns PARANORMAL. If we weren't cursed before we probably are now as we take shots at The Bell Witch. But why not join us in our torment, we have bot booze and snacks!!

Original Description 

There you are, minding your own business in 1800's Tennessee when Boom, a land deal goes south and a witch curses your family for generations. We know what you're thinking, that old chestnut? Well, that's just the chestnut this week as we tackle the Bell Witch with the help of returning guest and mustachioed mad man David Flora. Can Kyle cook up a spell? Does ghostly banging count as ASMR? Do you call a priest or animal control if you spot Cerberus at your door? All that and more on the podcast that has never been cursed by a witch, but we are cursed with robots daily so we will call it a wash - Hysteria 51

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