Aug. 21, 2017

DB Cooper - The Only Unsolved Plane Hijacking in US History | 48

DB Cooper - The Only Unsolved Plane Hijacking in US History | 48
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Remember in Ocean’s Eleven when George Clooney boarded a plane wearing a dark suit and tie and opened his brief case showing a bomb to the flight attendant and hijacked the plane? Then he demanded 200K in cash, four parachutes and food for the crew before releasing all the passengers. Classic Clooney amirite?!? Then 45 minutes after takeoff, Clooney sent the flight attendant to the cockpit while donning the parachute, tied the bank bag full of the money to himself, and jumped into the night. When the plane landed, all they found were two leftover parachutes and the tie Clooney had been wearing…our suave protagonist was never caught…classic Clooney! OK – that wasn’t actually from Ocean’s Eleven and George Clooney wasn’t involved – but it ACTUALLY DID HAPPEN! That’s the basic story behind the mysterious hijacking and disappearance of DB Cooper in the Pacific Northwest in the early 70s. Did he actually get away with the only unsolved hijacking in US History? Could he have survived the jump? Where did the money go? Is a bourbon and soda the suavest drink to order while hijacking a plane? Plus, Nicolas Cage threatens Conspiracy Bot (he didn’t like Captain Correli’s Violin), we discuss the unfortunate turn Nic’s movies have taken as of late, and also talk our favorite CAGE flicks. So, yeah, in retrospect…lots of Nic Cage. All of that and more on the podcast that believes the only good airplane to hijack is CON AIR – Hysteria 51.

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