Feb. 15, 2023

Death Walker w/ Nick Groff | 322

Death Walker w/ Nick Groff | 322

This week the boys are joined by Nick Groff to talk his life in the world of the paranormal and his new show from FilmRise, Death Walker.

In the series host Nick Groff theorizes and investigates the origins of some of America’s most notorious hauntings. Nick dives into the history books and powers up state-of-the-art ghost hunting equipment to redefine our understanding of the paranormal. His adventures take him to locales like penitentiaries, asylums, high schools, gallows, and all manners of spooky places throughout the United States in search of... wait for it... ghosts.

Whether or not the viewer believes in the supernatural, the series appeals to fans of true crime across the board.

Who the heck is Nick? Climb out from under that rock and we will, show you. But the quick 411 is that he is a highly recognizable face in paranormal television so if you are not familiar with his name, I bet you recognize him if paranormal shows are up your alley. He was the lead investigator on the series “Paranormal Lockdown” and served as co-investigator, executive producer, editor, and cameraman on Ghost Adventures from seasons 1–11.

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