Aug. 23, 2021

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet | 254

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet | 254
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Going to the doctor is such a pain. The forms, the wait, the doctor needing to get into a trance-like state to intuit your cure, the lack of a doctor's license…you know, everyday stuff. Well, it actually was with anyone who went to see Edgar Cayce in the early 20th century. This Sunday School teacher turned clairvoyant claimed to give over 14,000 readings throughout his career and many of them were recorded! He also is said to have had abilities in astral projection, prophesying, mediumship, and seeing auras (to name a few). Like we said…just like going to your primary care physician. Did Cayce actually have supernatural abilities? Did his supposed cures actually make anyone better? Did he actually just use a magic 8-ball? We try to answer those and a whole lot more this week as we go in search of Edgar Cayce. Plus, you-know-who is back for the second week in a row (Pecker). Also, more inane Simpson's references get dropped(more Pecker). And yet again, we discuss doing very normal, human things (seeing a pattern here?) Break out your crystals and align your chakras because we have all of that and more on the podcast that doesn't always ban guests from coming back, but when we do we rarely stick to it - Hysteria 51.  

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