Season 4

Aug. 20, 2018

Skinwalker Ranch: The Art of the Story | 100

We're makin' a home out on the range in this special 100TH edition of Hysteria 51! What do you get when you cross aliens, ghosts, shapeshifters, disembodied voices, cattle mutilations, and more? The only topic worthy of our 1...

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Aug. 13, 2018

Artificial Intelligence: MacGyver Knows What To Do! | 99

In this special episode of H51 we go FULL ON INTERVIEW! We have an upcoming episode on AI and wanted to interview someone. Who better than a writer/producer with over 30 years in the industry who just did a series …

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Aug. 6, 2018

Phantom Time Theory: Is It Really the Middle Ages? | 98

There are classic debates in the world of the weird. Does Bigfoot exist? Have aliens visited the earth? Did 300 years of our collective history never happen? What, whaa? That's what believers of the Phantom Time Theory think....

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July 30, 2018

Cicada 3301: The Internet's Most Mysterious Puzzle | 97

“Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them we have devised a test...” Thus began the phenomenon that is Cicada 3301. At its core, Cicada 3301 is an anonymous group that released to the world a ser...

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July 23, 2018

Deep State: Shadow Government or Political Buzzword? | 96

Who's in charge of the United States? POTUS? Ha! That's a temporary employee. Congress? Please...merely figureheads. The real people pulling the strings are a clandestine network entrenched inside the government, bureaucracy,...

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July 16, 2018

John Titor: Time Traveler or Internet Troll? | 95

If time travel is possible and future humans are coming back to our era...what would they want? To kill a future despot? To make a change to the environment that saves future generations? To take back a computer from 1975 …

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July 9, 2018

Crystal Skulls: Mystical Marvels or Fake Fossils? | 94

There is a series of skulls across the globe that are made of solid quartz and are virtually identical to one another. Some legends say that the unification of the 13 original skulls will save the human race from the …

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July 2, 2018

UFO Disclosure: The Players and The Game | 93

If aliens exist and they’ve been here – why don’t we know about it? This week we continue our series on disclosure and look at 2 opposing viewpoints/voices in the ufology world; Tom Delonge and Dr. Steven Greer. But we …

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June 25, 2018

UFO Disclosure: A History of Secrets | 92

Is the government hiding information from us? Well, that’s probably the stupidest question we could ask. But more specifically, are they hiding information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. This week the we dive into UFO ...

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June 18, 2018

The Mothman: Prophet of Doom or Mass Hysteria? | 91

In 1966 an unassuming pair of couples went joyriding in the hills of West Virginia. They just thought they were out to have some fun with some friends and escape their hometown of Point Pleasant for a while. They were …

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June 11, 2018

Alien Races: A Field Guide | 90

Fact: If you're reading this there's an 89% chance you've been abducted by aliens (note: not a fact). As such, it's important to know your who abducted you (the CIA will ask). Was it a Tall Grey that scooped you …

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June 4, 2018

MK ULTRA: The CIA's Mind Control Program | 89

The government has done some less than scrupulous things over the years (allegedly), but they would never test mind control tactics on unknowing AMERICAN citizens - right? WRONG. Enter MK ULTRA - a 20 year covert program to a...

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May 28, 2018

Hollow Moon: Alien Spacecraft or Plain Planetoid | 88

Forget the Flat Earth or Hollow Earth. This week we’ve got the real wool that’s been pulled over all of our proverbial eyes...the MOON IS HOLLOW. Not only is it hollow, but our alien overlords put it there...or flew it …

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May 21, 2018

The Politics of Contraband: Pablo Escobar and the CIA | 87

Pablo Escobar, known as the King of Cocaine, was a Colombian drug kingpin, a smuggler, killer, cartel leader, and CIA Operative. Wait, what was that last one? CIA Operative - according to many involved - the man once responsi...

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May 14, 2018

Heaven's Gate: The UFO Cult to End All UFO Cults | 86

What could compel 39 people from all walks of life to abandon their friends and family and commit suicide in a vain and rather crazy attempt to hop a ride on a UFO hiding behind the Hale-Bopp Comet in March …

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May 7, 2018

The Bilderberg Group: Philanthropic Forum or Corrupt Cabal Conference…

Imagine an annual secret meeting of the world’s elite. Politicians, heads of industry, financial leaders, and media executives all trading secrets, colluding on policies, and essentially determining the fate of the free world...

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April 30, 2018

Giants: Colossal Cover-Up or Huge Hoax? | 84

It’s a GIANT WEEK on Hysteria 51! Nope, not a clever euphemism, this week we’re talking REAL LIFE GIANTS! We don’t mean regular folks with Gigantism. And we’re not talking about your buddy from college that was, like, really ...

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April 23, 2018

Baltic Sea Anomaly: Downed UFO or Glacial Skid Mark? | 83

In 2011 a group of treasure hunters were searching the Baltic Sea when they came upon something they couldn't explain. Their sonar showed an image of some sort of...structure on the sea floor. It was somewhat round in shape a...

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April 16, 2018

Behold a Pale Horse and Bill Cooper: Every Bad Conspiracy Tied Togeth…

Think of every half-baked conspiracy theory and bad UFO story you've ever heard. Now picture a book that ties them all together. And for bonus points, imagine it's actually a bunch of thinly veiled hate speech! Well, imagine ...

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April 9, 2018

Numbers Stations: Spy Communication, Alien Radio Stations, or Somethi…

Why are there nearly untraceable radio broadcasts all around the world of seemingly random number sequences? What is their true purpose and who is behind them? Are these vestiges of Cold War spy-craft? A simplistic way for mo...

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April 1, 2018

Did Hitler Fake His Own Death? | 80

Adolph Hitler and his new wife Eva Braun committed suicide on April 30th, 1945 as they cowered in a bunker under Berlin. The Russians were literally at the doorstep and the Americans just a few miles away. There was no …

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March 26, 2018

The Phoenix Lights: Mass UFO Sighting or Mass Hysteria? | 79

If one guy says he saw a UFO - it's easy to dismiss. But what do you do when over 10,000 people in one state say they did? That's exactly what happened March 13th, 1997 throughout Arizona. They all describe …

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March 19, 2018

The Holy Grail: Holy Cup, Holy Bloodline, or Holy Hoax? | 78

This week you've chosen WISELY as we go in search of the cup of a carpenter and try to find the HOLY GRAIL. Or is it Jesus' kids we're looking for? Or the cup with Jesus' blood? I don't know …

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March 12, 2018

Project Serpo: The Intergalactic Scientist Exchange Program | 77

We all looked at the foreign exchange student in high school and wondered what that would be like. Now picture doing that almost 40 light years away! Enter Project Serpo - the alleged top-secret exchange program between the U...

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March 5, 2018

Voynich Manuscript: Treasure Map or Alien Almanac? | 76

This week on Hysteria 51 we talk for over an HOUR about a 600 year old book! Still with us? While that's technically true - there's SO MUCH MORE TO THE STORY. The Voynich Manuscript is written in a language …

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