April 26, 2021

FLASHBACK: Dulce Underground Base | 231

FLASHBACK: Dulce Underground Base | 231
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CBot here. It's Flashback week on Hysteria 51.  Monday through Friday this week the meatsacks are releasing one of their favorite past episodes of the show.  On Friday there will be a post where you can vote for your favorite episode of the week.  1 person who voted will be picked at random for a prize pack so make sure to hop on Hysteria Nation if you like crap from dumb podcasts.  I hope you lose!

Dulce, New Mexico: population 2,743…ABOVE GROUND! That’s right, according to some there is a secret base under Dulce that houses everything from classified US technology to reptilians. According to those same folks Dulce is one of the many underground facilities that Reptilians use to run experiments on humans. Oh, and there was a huge underground battle there between aliens and the US military. The aliens managed to win because they had advanced ray guns. And from there….the story REALLY starts to get strange. This week we grab our tinfoil hats and go down the reptilian hole as we explore the Dulce Underground Base. Plus, Conspiracy Bot stays sober long enough to do some writing (surprisingly true), we learn there is a Starbucks on Venus that employed Conspiracy Bot (not true at all), and Kevin Crispin is back in the lower 4th (fun and true)! All of that and more on the podcast that’s never fought reptilians underground, our battles have always taken place on Outworld (Reptile wins!) – Hysteria 51.

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:
Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV

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The 6th Day (Movie)
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