May 22, 2017

H.H. Holmes | 35

H.H. Holmes | 35
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Imagine this Zillow listing: This charming and spacious 3 floor hotel has been lovingly maintained by the original owner for years! Interestingly angled, narrow corridors with…mood lighting. Dead ends and generous stairways that lead nowhere but are nonetheless magical. Many rooms are lined with asbestos-coated steel plates, completely soundproofed, and equipped with special peepholes…some even come with open gas pipes! The second story also features trapdoors, secret passageways, and large greased shafts leading directly to the cellar. The cellar has all the charm of a medieval doctor’s office complete with acid tank, quicklime vats, a dissection table, and an “elasticity determinator” that can stretch guests to twice their normal height. Human body sized furnace in the cellar for those cold Chicago nights. Seller willing to leave all! This was the hotel that America’s first serial killer, HH Holmes built on the south side of Chicago. Holmes and his “murder castle” are thought by some to have been responsible for the deaths of over 200 people during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. We dive in to the man, the myth, and the castle. Plus, we examine what it takes to create a race of giants, the absolute perfection of a late 1800s mustache, and Conspiracy Bot starts creating his own glitches in the Matrix. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to a “murder castle”, but has seen some pretty gnarly things at a Medieval Times – Hysteria 51.

To read more from today’s expert Adam Selzer, you can find his newest book on Holmes here –

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