Aug. 5, 2019

High Strangeness: An Interview w/ Author Eric Bickernicks | 149

High Strangeness: An Interview w/ Author Eric Bickernicks | 149

Things are getting strange in the lower 4th this week as we interview author Eric Bickernicks about his fictional (?) UFO romp, High Strangeness. Are there really spandex clad, cult members looking to “amalgamate” with aliens? Have UFOs landed in Cape Cod? Is there a better name for a law firm than Wakeman and Frasier? We ask the tough questions this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot learns the negative side of building your own robot (we know this well). Kyle makes his triumphant return and reads some reviews of the show (it doesn’t go well). Also, David Flora joins in on the fun (well…) AND Majungus hits us with another awesome song (Intergalactic Invasion). All of that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always talk about fictional books – or do we – Hysteria 51.

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High Strangeness | Eric Bickernicks
Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America | Annie Jacobsen

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