June 8, 2022

Hysteria 51: Best of Vol 1 | 290

Hysteria 51: Best of Vol 1 | 290

Best Of Time! Or, at least what made us chuckle along the way. You might hate them! As we finish up vacation time, we thought we would hit you with some of our favorite clips of the first 6 years of Hysteria 51. There is some Brent, some Goforth, some Peck, and more than enough CBot. We are back next week with normal episodes so, my apologies!

Clips Mentioned in Order
Mad Jack: The Man Who Fought Nazis w/ a Sword | 239
Ghost Blimp: The WW2 Airship That Returned Without A Crew | 243
The Circleville Letters | 213
Göbekli Tepe: Proof of an Advanced, Ancient Civilization? | 103
Magic: Hocus Pocus or Bona Fide Sorcery? | 115
The Jersey Devil | 219
The Swimmers of Lake Baikal | 211
Randy Cramer: Mars Marine or Space Case? | 266
Satanic Panic: Metal, Black Stuff, & Devil Worship (or just the 80s) | 64
Spontaneous Human Combustion: Do People Just Burst Into Flames? | 145
Project Montauk - Stranger Things are Afoot in New York | 60
Ouija Boards: Satan's Cell Phone or a Gimmick for Goofs? | 68
The Solway Spaceman: An Intergalactic Photo Bomb | 192

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