Jan. 18, 2023

Indrid Cold: The Smiling “Man” | 319

Indrid Cold: The Smiling “Man” | 319

From weirdo kid watcher to alien visitor to creepypasta star, Indrid Cold aka The Smiling Man has had a lot of success staying in the public eye. Whether these are all the acts of one “man” or just slightly similar incidents all blamed on the same legend is for you to decide... or maybe they are all fake.... But either way we are breaking them down! Plus KYLE hints at a sketchy past, CBot channels his inner Norm Macdonald, and Majungas is back with their new song Alien Seduction. All that and more this week on the show that knows to always take the word of door to door sewing machine salesman of the century The Gooch at face value, Hysteria 51. 

Special thanks to this week’s sources:

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