May 24, 2021

Mad Jack: The Man Who Fought Nazis w/ a Sword | 239

Mad Jack: The Man Who Fought Nazis w/ a Sword | 239

It wouldn't seem that weird if we told you a soldier from the past led his comrades into battle with a sword and longbow. It would get a little weird if we told you that "the past" was WW2. Well, that's the exact case with our topic this week, Mad Jack Churchill. From capturing a Nazi outpost almost singlehandedly to registering the only known kill of WW2 by way of longbow - Jack was one of a kind and we dig into his madness this week. Plus, Conspiracy Bot claims to have been a laser gunrunner in the Middle Ages (we've stopped asking), the fellas demonstrate their severe lack of knowledge when it comes to Middle Age weaponry (let's just say they wouldn't have lasted long at the Battle of Hastings), and the show ends with a blast from the past (just listen). All of that and more on the podcast that is constantly being accused of being ‘improperly dressed’ - mostly because the robot likes to wear a speedo - Hysteria 51.

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