Jan. 4, 2023

Mad Man Mike Marcum: Time Traveler or Kook | 318

Mad Man Mike Marcum: Time Traveler or Kook | 318
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Man wants to get rich. Man builds time machine. Man gets arrested. Man turns to Art Bell for help. Who doesn't know someone with that story?? No one?? Well now you do as this week we are focusing on Mad Man Mike Marcum and his Jacob's Ladder. We ask the hard question this week like did he really make a time machine? If so, did he transport himself back to the 1930's and die on a beach? Why does he look like the love child of from a throuple made up of the dudes from Pete and Pete and the kid from Problem Child? Plus Conspiracy Bot educates us on the finer points of drinking under bridges, KYLE mourns Art Bell, and David Flora questions why he ever agreed to join this show. All that and more on the podcast that has never time traveled, unless you count black outs from Bot Booze - Hysteria 51

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