Nov. 21, 2016

Prepping for the Apocalypse | 9

Prepping for the Apocalypse  | 9

Zombies, civil unrest, natural catastrophe, Trump, alien invasion, super contagion…all potential harbingers of apocalypse. When the time comes, will you be prepared? In episode 9 Brent and John dive into the world of doomsday prepping. Want to know what to put in a bug-out bag? Brent will tell you (but if you need a knife suggestion – we wouldn’t ask him). John learns everything he needs to know from YouTube, and the fellas talk the advantages of “bugging in” (hint: mattresses are more comfortable than rocks). Plus a taste test of military MREs (meals ready to eat)…all of that and more on the sodium packed edition of Hysteria 51.


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