Aug. 3, 2022

Project MKOFTEN: Drugs, The Occult, & The CIA | 297

Project MKOFTEN: Drugs, The Occult, & The CIA | 297

After the planet was ravaged by World War 2 the powers that be were looking for any edge they could. The United States was no different. So, they engaged in many secret medical experiments designed to help win the cold war... But at what cost? Let’s just say you can’t perfect mind control and Manchurian candidates without breaking a few eggs, and by eggs we mean unknowing subjects, both military and civilian. Oh yeah, black magic and the occult might have been involved as well... you know, for good measure. So, strap in, we are talking MKOften and CIA shenanigans via... wait for it... DRUGS.. this week on Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:

Books and Papers
Secrets and Lies: A History of CIA Mind Control and Germ Warfare | Gordon Thomas 978-1568526843
The Manchurian Candidate | Richard Condon 978-0743482974
The Encyclopedia of Delusions | Ronald Duncan & Miranda Weston-Smith ‎ 978-0671423919

CIA Mind Control | CIA Secret Experiments -

Project MKOFTEN -
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The Manchurian Candidate -
The Naked Gun (franchise) -
The Psychedelic Library -
Skeptic -
Sidney Gottlieb -

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