Dec. 13, 2021

Randy Cramer: Mars Marine or Space Case? | 266

Randy Cramer: Mars Marine or Space Case? | 266

Kid gets genetically altered pre-birth. Kids gets his low hangers grabbed by a Jawa freeloading a sandwich from his fridge who happened to be a government operative testing him. Kid gets stationed on Mars for almost 2 decades. The now adult kid gets de-aged back to kid and told adios by Donald Rumsfeld during a ceremony on the moon. Kid now teaches psionics, and for a nominal fee he can teach YOU. I know what you are thinking, that’s a tale as old as time. Everyone knows someone who has been through it, but darn it this week we are focusing on Randy Cramer and HIS experience protecting mining colonies on Mars! And, it’s dangerous to go alone, so Rob Kristoffersen of Our Strange Skies joins Brent to break down all the Captain Kaye shenanigans this week on the podcast that’s never been to Mars but knows a certain robot we would love to send there – Hysteria 51

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