July 19, 2021

Robert The Doll | 247

Robert The Doll | 247
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Boy gets Doll. Boy names Doll after himself. Boy is forced by Doll to go by his middle name for the rest of his life. Boy is terrorized by Doll nightly until it is locked in the attic. Rinse and repeat. We know what you're thinking, That old chestnut... This week Brent travels back to 1904 when Robert Gene Otto received the cursed inspiration for the movie Chucky and countless other scary stories.  Not one to haunted doll shop alone, he is joined by Bobby and Bobby (that's a twofer of Bobs to talk a bout a doll named Bob if you are playing along at home) from The Inhuman Experience to tackle all things Robert The Doll. Is it really haunted? (Maybe) Can it still curse you? (Some say so) And, is the real scary part that it is kept in Florida? (Duh) All that on more on the podcast that has never owned a haunted doll, but we have a couple robots that are suspect - Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:

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Robert the Doll True Story - The Original Inspiration for Chucky - https://youtu.be/lIpDXALKZP0
Robert "The Haunted Doll" Rules After Dark at Ft. East Martello Museum Key West

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