March 15, 2023

Scientific Paradoxes | 325

Scientific Paradoxes | 325

Science is full of all sorts of paradoxes: We can travel to the depths of space, but can't cure the common cold. We can split the atom, but can't figure out why time flies when you're having fun. We can map the human genome, but can't predict the weather accurately. It's like we've unlocked the secrets of the universe, but can't find the remote control....

But those don’t make our eyes cross or the smartest of us lose sleep over night because of how intangible an answer seems to be. And THOSE type of paradoxes are exactly what we have instore for you this week, so sit back, relax, and try not to have an aneurism as we break down our favorite thought-provoking scientific paradoxes of all time here on Hysteria 51. 

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