April 18, 2022

Sideworld: Haunted Forests of England | 284

Sideworld: Haunted Forests of England | 284

Ah, Merry Old England, it's a magical place filled with wonder, excitement, and forests! And those forests are filled with hell hounds, and evil huntsmen, black eyed children, werewolves, vengeful ghosts, and even Pigmen... So yeah, fun! Director George Popov joins us this week to talk his new Documentary, Sideworld: Haunted Forests of England. In it he focuses on 3 spooky places, Wistman's Wood, Cannock Chase, and Epping Forest. They are filled with stories of horror and sightings galore of everything we mentioned above and so much more.  We talk what it's like moving from feature films to documentaries, how scary it is filming in haunted locations, and why Conspiracy Bot sucks so bad. So grab your mole suds and spotted dick, we are heading back to England this week to talk Sideworld: Haunted Forests on Hysteria 51.

Sideworld: Haunted Forests of England
Released 03/24/2022
Director: George Popov
Writer, Producer: Jonathan Russell
Composer: Matthew Laming
Cinematographer: Richard Suckling
Cast: Suzie Frances Garton, William Poulter 
Distributor: Indie Rights

Director George Popov presents a journey through three of England's most haunted forests, exploring a trove of frightening tales, myths and folklore.

Twitter: @RubiconFilmsUK & @Sideworld_UK
Instagram: @rubicon_films_uk
Facebook: @SideworldUK
George Twitter: @TheGeorgePopov
Rubicon Films www.rubiconfilms.co.uk

Available on:
PrimeVideo, GooglePlay, Tubi, Youtube Movie Rentals. 

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