March 22, 2023

Site R: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex | 326

Site R: The Raven Rock Mountain Complex | 326
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Buckle up, tinfoil hat-wearers, this week we take you on a wild ride deep into the heart of the mysterious Raven Rock Mountain Complex, aka Site R! What's more intriguing than an underground city built to withstand a nuclear apocalypse? Nada, that’s what! And that's not even the half of it! We're diving into the hidden tunnels of conspiracy theories surrounding this enigmatic bunker. From top-secret government experiments to underground alien dance parties, nothing is off the table!

Plus, Actor, Director, and Site R neighbor Libby McDermott joins in on the search for the “truth”! What is the government hiding at Site R? Is it a secure location for our nation's leaders during a crisis, or is it the VIP lounge for extraterrestrial raves? Maybe it’s just Conspiracy Bot’s junk drawer? Time will tell.

So, make sure to join us as we explore this incredible engineering feat and ponder what could be lurking in its shadows this week on Hysteria 51!

Special thanks to this week’s sources

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