Nov. 4, 2019

Skinny Bob | 162

Skinny Bob | 162
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From the first contact in 1942, a series of diplomatic visits to discuss matters of mutual concern were planned. Under the treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secrecy, a limited number of special agents would escort visitors and they would only meet high ranking officers… or at least that is what a series of videos posted to YouTube in 2011 by ivan0135 tells us. The videos that introduced us to Skinny Bob, alien sensation! Was Ivan a man in the know drip feeding us disclosure? A KGB plant testing our gullibility? Or is it all a poorly done hoax and some thrown together CGI? We tackle that this week with the help of Rob Kristofferson from Our Strange Skies Podcast. Also, Cbot get’s his inspirational quotes from a surprising source (Celebrity rants), Goforth is still out (Bangkok has him now), and Brent ponders Remote viewing classes (fingers crossed he tales them). All that and more on the podcast that doesn’t have secret footage of alien life to leak, just the tapes we found under Goforth’s bed – Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:
Research Assistant – Raymond Walden IV

The Time Before the Secret Words | John Edward Vivanco

Skinny Bob Colorized –
ivan0135’s skinny bob (ufo / alien) –
This Website Led Me To Some Alien Footage –
Ivan0135 –
Remote Viewing the Skinny Bob Saga –

Midnight in the Desert –
Right Hemisphere –
Cosmick Traveler –
Alien Wiki –
Skinny Bob Facebook Page –
Richard Dolan members –
Above Top Secret –
Our Strange Skies –

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