Feb. 8, 2023

Stone Tape Theory: Residual Hauntings or Pseudoscience? | 321

Stone Tape Theory: Residual Hauntings or Pseudoscience? | 321

We’ve all heard of things that go bump in the night, but what if they are just recording of past events echoing through time? That is the heart of the Stone Tape Theory aka residual hauntings and this week’s topic. Is it an honest to goodness natural phenomenon, or just pseudoscience trash for people to cash in on. Speaking of trash, CBot plays the trailer for his new movie (it sucks). Brent tried to pass the term arch cocksman off as if it is normal (it isn’t). And KYLE proves once again that he is the moral compass of the show (and that is just sad). All that and more on the podcast that has never caused a residual haunting, but we do have some karaoke tapes that are pretty haunting in their own right – Hysteria 51. 

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