May 18, 2022

Tarot Time | 287

Tarot Time | 287

You see them all the time when driving, signs saying PSYCHIC in neon. It's the home of the tarot card readers. But, is there anything to it or is it just a cash grab and time suck like everything else in our lives?? Well, this is NOT the podcast to answer that, come on now. But we are going to talk tarot AND give each other readings on the show. So best case scenario we have at least a 10% chance am dooming our mortal souls to hell this week, so that's fun. Plus, Conspiracy Bot lets us know our fates (in order), KYLE professes his loves more than just cheese muffins (it's cookies so don't get too excited) and David bashes his tarot pixies. All that and more on the podcast that doesn’t always use tarot cards to decide our future. But when we do, they are read over the phone for $1.99 a minute - Hysteria 51.

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