Aug. 31, 2020

The Shag Harbour UFO Incident | 201

The Shag Harbour UFO Incident | 201

This week’s topic is a lot like a mullet: business in the front and a party in the back! The Shag Harbour UFO incident starts as a fairly benign UFO sighting; a straightforward tale of “what was that in the sky?” But by the time it’s over we’ve got USOs, an alien rescue craft, and RUSSIANS! It’s crazy, it’s Canadian, it’s the Shag Harbour UFO incident this week. Plus, David Harbour’s dad-bod, John gets tripped up on his own joke, and former Special Forces Operator Jeff Adamec is back on the program to validate all of our military conspiracy hunches. He is also "former" DOD and Homeland Security so he may just be here keeping tabs on Conspiracy Bot, time will tell. All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been to Shag Harbour, but we know a certain Harbour we’d like to shag (figuratively) – Hysteria 51.

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:
Research Assistant - Raymond Walden IV

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