April 11, 2022

Titanic Sized Conspiracies: 110th Anniversary | 283

Titanic Sized Conspiracies: 110th Anniversary | 283
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It's been 110 years since that fateful night in April, 1912 when, on her maiden voyage, the largest ocean liner the world had ever seen was struck by an iceberg and sank in the cold Atlantic Ocean... Allegedly! Are the history books true, or were slightly more nefarious agents at play that caused the death of more than 1500 souls? We talk everything from insurance fraud to mummy curses this week as we break down some of the more popular "truths" about the disaster. Plus, KYLE professes his love for Linda Hamilton, Brent reveals the name of his childhood imaginary friend, and David channels yet another voice for this week’s Conspiracy Extravaganza! So just sit back, relax, and maybe grab a life jacket as we talk Titanic Conspiracies this week on the podcast that doesn't need lifeboats, we have been going down with this ship for years - Hysteria 51

Special thanks to this week’s research sources:

Conspiracies at Sea: Titanic and Lusitania | J. Kent Layton
Titanic’s Last Secrets | Brad Matsen
The Wreck f the Titan | Morgan Roberts

5 Creepy Historical Predictions that Came True - https://youtu.be/jv3NVVT69LM

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