May 2, 2022

Vertical Plane: The Dodleston Messages | 285

Vertical Plane: The Dodleston Messages | 285

Ken, Deb, Nic
True are the nightmares of a person that fears.
Safe are the bodies of the silent world.
Turn pretty flower, turn towards the sun for you shall grow and sow.
But the flower reaches too high and withers in the burning light.
Get out your bricks —
Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat went to London to seek fame and fortune.
Faith must not be lost for this shall be your redeemer.

So started the Dodleston messages, alleged messages from the past and maybe the future! All sent to a BBC micro computer in the 1980s. Were the messages real or an elaborate hoax? Was a poltergeist to blame, or maybe even time traveling tachyons from the year 2109? Where was CBot in the 1500s? We cover all the bases as the traverse The Vertical Plane this week on Hysteria 51

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Anxiety by Kevin MacLeod

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