Oct. 4, 2021

Weekly World News with Greg D’Alessandro | 259

Weekly World News with Greg D’Alessandro | 259

Whether it was the grocery store check-out line or the newsstand around the block, almost everyone has stopped and re-read a headline from the Weekly World News. From Bat Boy running for President to Elvis being spotted on the moon...again - the Weekly World News was the perfect periodical for its time and place. And now that we're in desperate need for this bastion of journalistic perfection, it's back! That's right, not only is the WWN back, but it's ready for the 21st century. We talk about all of this and a bunch more with the WWN's Editor and CEO - Greg D’Alessandro. Plus, the the fellas make the obligatory Men In Black reference (hot sheets). Conspiracy Bot thinks everything in the WWN is 100% real (no surprise there). And the fellas get recruited to be correspondents for for the best newspaper in history (you guessed it). All of that and more on the podcast makes sure to read the hot sheets each and every week – Hysteria 51.

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